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Our Founder. Get to know us better.

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Sarudzayi Marufu is a multi-talented Creative Entrepreneur, BAFTA Connect Producer, Writer, and Director. Her work spans Theatre, Film, TV, Community Engagement Initiatives, and Training and Development Programs.


As the Executive Producer at Beyond The Canon, Sarudzayi is dedicated to promoting plays by writers from the global majority, redefining classics, and shining a light on groundbreaking, forgotten plays. Beyond The Canon's impactful work includes showcases and workshops at top drama schools and theatres, diversifying their curriculum and programming. Sarudzayi also co-edited their 1st book, "Beyond The Canon's Plays for Young Activists," published by Bloomsbury in April 2023.


In addition to her freelance producing work, Sarudzayi is the visionary Founder of Euras Films, a Film Production Company committed to accurate representation on screens. Euras Films champions and celebrates marginalised communities, telling diverse stories and embracing bold, fearless, and innovative storytelling. Their ambition is to enrich, inspire, and challenge audiences through thought-provoking narratives, both in content and method. Sarudzayi ensures that diasporic communities are represented and recognized on the international stage.


Euras Films has already produced impactful short films and web series, including "Pieces" (2022), a four-short film catalogue that delves into the depths of 'black love.' The anthology fearlessly tackles disability, sexuality, LGBTQIA+ love, friendship, identity, and self-love. With more exciting projects like "All The Wives in Attics," "Brown Sugar," and "Celibate" coming in 2023, Euras Films is also developing feature films and HETV projects like "Recipes for Mica Halliday," recognized by prestigious institutions like Film London and the British Film Institute.


Aside from her accomplishments in the creative industry, Sarudzayi is the Business Development and Quality Assurance Director of a successful healthcare company. Since 2014, she has grown the company from a team of 3 to nearly 200 capable individuals who share an organisational vision and work collaboratively for success. Her experience in running small businesses has honed her skills in goal-setting, implementing objectives, and ensuring long-term sustainability with a capable and well-led team.


Sarudzayi Marufu's diverse expertise and passion for impactful storytelling make her a force to be reckoned with in the creative world and beyond. Her commitment to representation, innovation, and organisational success sets a strong example for aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

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