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About Euras Films.

Film and Theatre Production. 

Welcome to EURAS FILMS, a groundbreaking film production company founded in 2019, passionately committed to championing and celebrating historically marginalised communities. Our bold, fearless, and innovative storytelling aims to enrich, inspire, and challenge both our audiences and ourselves.


At EURAS FILMS, we believe in the profound power of authentic storytelling to provoke empathy and ignite meaningful conversations. With ingenuity and collaboration, we've met the demand for our work, forging our path in the industry.


Our long-term goal is innovative storytelling in both content and method, with a core mission of creating job opportunities for creatives from underrepresented communities. We value their voices, essential in shaping the British film landscape, and dedicatedly offer them more chances to showcase their talents.


From 2020 to 2023, we commissioned and funded several short films and web series, serving as platforms for representative storytelling and support during challenging times. Our portfolio proudly champions underrepresented voices, as seen in our four-short film catalogue titled "Pieces" (2022). The anthology explored the depths of 'black love,' delving into themes of disability and sexuality, LGBTQIA+ love, friendship, identity, and self-love.


Beyond short films, our passion drives us to develop feature films and TV projects that push the boundaries of storytelling and enrich cinematic experiences. Our vision extends globally through partnerships and innovative distribution strategies, ensuring our powerful narratives resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.


Our work extends across Films, TV, theatre, and community initiatives. Through our practice, we're driven to serve, enrich, inspire, and challenge. We enthusiastically welcome creative collaborations, always ready to embrace new opportunities on our journey to make a meaningful impact in the world of film. Together, let's push the boundaries of storytelling and celebrate the power of diverse voices in our shared narrative.


This Is Us.

Create, Innovate & Celebrate.
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